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How it all started for me & Coralee’s:

I left Zimbabwe in 2008, with suitcase in hand and never looked back.  After a long journey, I found faith in myself & rekindled a passion of mine,my passion for flowers.Flowers are something I have always loved so this is when I decided to pursue this passion & I opened up my florist. I started working from home but then the business continued to blossom, and the ‘right’ shop location became available.

My business has since blossomed more.

My family & friends have shown much support and encourangement towards me and this new adventure.  All the love & strength that my children have given me has motivated me.  Since then, my shop has excelled.  The compliments from all who have come through my shop have all been so positive & encouraging.

My motto in life is that: ” If you believe in yourself, you can do anything & being positive always gives you the strength to move forward and grow”  My story is a testimony to this !

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