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It is suitable for all ages & on completion one could confidently apply for work within the industry or venture into a floral business of their own.

It’s intense.  It’s a game changer!

Our course is compact and comprehensive offering an in-depth introduction to the most relevant aspects of the industry.
It’s held over 8 days and filled with practical work, theory and as much advice as one can take on board.  Every class is taught by myself and covers a wide range of content.
I cut out the waffle and with 12 years experience in the wedding and retail industry, teach more through open conversation than any course on the market.

With floristry skills you set yourself ahead of anyone else wanting to work for wedding planning or styling companies.  With this training, opening your own florist shop will be achievable and younger applicants could consider placement with hotels or even ocean liners.

There is a massive misconception when it comes to floristry.  It’s widely thought to be of little value and that ‘every one can arrange flowers’.  It’s actually quite difficult.  You need technical knowledge, you need a creative eye and a very strong skill set.

The wedding industry in South Africa generates billions a year and competition is strong.  To make it you need to stand out, your product needs to be impeccable and so your training needs to be of the highest standard.  This course is for absolute beginners and on completion each student will be equipped to confidently work in the industry.

I learnt the importance of mentorship when my training grossly lacked in it.  I believe that creative talent needs to be nurtured and encouraged to develop naturally so that each individual can determine and appreciate their unique style.  Many creatives lack in confidence and belief in their ability – I feel I offer the right environment in which to change this.

I hope that you’ll consider investing in yourself and the fascinating world of floral design.  I assure you that you will be inspired and encouraged to develop your own unique style.  That you will leave feeling confident about your talent and knowing that your tool bag of skill is full.

I’m here to answer any questions you have – please call me.


  • All manner of seasonal flowers and foliage are provided for the entire course.
  • All floral supplies are included ie. floral foam, tape, wire, packaging.
  • All of your designs, including vases are yours to take home.
  • Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing & bring your camera.
  • Tea and coffee…with cake of course…is served throughout the day.
    If you require a light lunch, I can arrange for this at an additional cost of R150.00 per person – bookings are essential!!
  • Days start at 10am and finishes at 4pm, with a maximum of 10 pupils in each class. T & C Apply.
  • You will receive a tool kit with a Coralee’s Florist Apron, Floral Scissors, Rose Stripper, Floral Knife,
    Carry bag, Course notes & a Certificate of Completion.



This course will only run if there are a minimum of 5 attendees.

Seats can only be secured with a 15% deposit.

In the event that we are unable to run the course, you will receive a full refund on your deposit.

Please do not book your flights or accommodation until we have confirmed that the course is taking place.

For further information & to secure your place click on the dates, you’d like ABOVE.

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August 2019 (6 – 9 – Day time Course (4 days) to continue 13 – 19 – Day time (4 days) ), November 2019 (5 – 8 – Day time course (4 days) to continue 12 – 15 – Day time (4 days) )